People's Food Co-op - Portland

People's Food Co-op is a community-owned natural foods store. Our priority at People's Food Co-op is to provide the best, most wholesome food available while building community and a sustainable local economy. We believe in safe, sustainable growing and manufacturing practices. When you shop at the co-op you join us in supporting local farmers, producers, and craftspeople.

Our co-op commits to a model of human cooperation. We focus our energy on building community, revitalizing our local economy, and promoting healthy connections to our bioregion and the earth. We realize these goals through conscious product selection, mindful business practices, and the fulfillment of cooperative principles.

Our fresh produce is grown using the safest possible methods; it is either certified organic or meets the high standards set by our produce department. Our selection always emphasizes the best of the season. We buy locally grown whenever possible to ensure freshness, support our local economy and small farmers, and to reduce the fuel waste and pollution involved in long distance transportation. We also host a weekly farmers market every Wednesday from 2 - 7. The market runs all year - the Northwest's first year-round farmers market!

We carry a full line of packaged natural foods, much of it organic. People's Food Co-op is an all vegetarian store (except for pet food). Even our cheese is rennet-free. We offer many vegan options, as well as alternatives for those with allergies. The co-op is committed to carrying products which reflect the diverse dietary needs of our members, including wheat- and gluten-free, non-dairy, raw foods, and alternative sweeteners. We also have a large selection of bulk grains, cereals, nuts, beans, pasta, herbs, sweeteners, seaweed, and lots more.

Our beer and wine section is always growing. Most of our beers are vegan and many of our wines are sulfite-free and biodynamic. All our wines are made from grapes grown without the use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers. We carry wonderful local wines as well as a wide variety of local, artisan beers.

Our mercantile department includes natural personal care products, ecological and biodegradable household cleaning agents, natural supplements, tree-free and recycled paper, journals, cards, candles and much more.

Any organization or individual is welcome to use our beautiful upstairs community room for meetings and events - we want to be a community gathering place! There is a small fee for most events. Free yoga and other wellness classes are offered for our owners several times per week. We look forward to your visit.