Valley Natural Foods

Valley Natural Foods is a community-owned business. As a member-owned cooperative enterprise, we provide the community with resources for healthy living, including a wide variety of local foods. Our store is open to everyone; you do not need to be a member-owner to shop with us. However, we think you will value the quality of our product selection, the excellence of our customer service and the convenience of our location enough to consider investing in ownership of this vibrant natural foods store.

Our mission is a healthy community. Our values are F R E S H:


  • Providing support for families and community
  • Linking a family of consumers, employees, producers and suppliers
  • Joining people locally as well as globally
  • Creating an environment which allows our family to grow


  • Working with other organizations with similar values
  • Interacting with schools, business and non-profits
  • Providing educational experience for local secondary and high schools
  • Aligning with other co-ops to support the Co-op Principles


  • Providing hands-on educational materials, recipes and demonstrations
  • Presenting educational programs to area groups and schools
  • Sponsoring local health fairs and events with educational focus
  • Offering nutritional services free of charge with RN/CCN on staff


  • Supporting fair trade, good farming and organics locally and globally
  • Creating community jobs with a healthy work environment
  • Providing a local market for local growers and producers
  • Circulating profits locally through cooperative consumership


  • Empowering healthy choices, education and volunteerism
  • Maintaining a healthy bottom line for our co-op member-owners
  • Supporting a healthy environment through good practices
  • Providing our community with healthy foods, products and education

Valley Natural Foods offers adventure on every trail as you discover a healthier way to live. Savor new tastes with local and organic foods at a fair price. Let our friendly, knowledgeable staff assist you in your pursuit to stay healthy so you can better enjoy your life. We have been providing healthy choices since 1977 and our doors are always open to the public. We are open seven days a week and offer you convenient drive-thru service for early morning coffee beverages and lunch and dinner fresh sandwich meals.