Blue Hill Co-op

The Blue Hill Co-op is a cooperatively owned grocery store that specializes in selling local and organic foods. The Co-op employs 60+ full and part-time staff members and has over 2,600 owners. Everyone is welcome to shop at the Co-op, and over the years, we have become a community food hub for the entire Blue Hill Peninsula, where people gather daily. Our customers include locals, seasonal residents and visitors.

At the Co-op, we curate our selection with quality, sustainability and responsible sourcing in mind. We carry many specialty foods for various dietary needs, such as plant-based/vegan, gluten-free, keto, and low-FODMAP. We pride ourselves on supporting local and organic food systems. In 2021, we sold $1,474,053 in local products and $2,775,350 in organic products. A prime example of this is in the meat case, where generally half the available cuts are from local farms.

Our new location at 70 South Street has a large produce department where we specialize in organic and local vegetables and fruits, as well as wild-foraged and eco-grown foods. Our bulk department carries nearly four hundred different items, including grains, spices, medicinal herbs, teas and coffee, oils, nuts, seeds, snacks, soaps and more. The health and wellness department is the peninsula’s best source for vitamins, supplements and other wellness items, from CBD to probiotics to homeopathic remedies. We also have a wide variety of all-natural, organic and local body-care products.

Our beer and wine selection include local brews and drinks crafted around the world. We also carry hard cider, sake, alcoholic kombucha and other interesting beverages. At the cheese case, you can find many locally made cheeses as well as varieties from around the country and imports from France, Italy, Britain and more. You can also get cured meats, pickles, olives and other packaged preserves.

The Co-op Café

When the Co-op moved to our new location, the small café became a full-fledged restaurant. We now serve breakfast, lunch, dinner and have a full hot/salad bar. You can get made-to-order smoothies, panini, burgers and tacos. The same favorite sandwiches, salads and deli items can all be found in the grab & go, as well as a range of ready-made meals. The Co-op Café has an ample indoor dining space and outdoor seating.