Sugar Beet Food Co-op

We are a full-service, community-owned grocery store in Oak Park, Illinois, committed to local, organic and sustainable products. The vision of Sugar Beet Food Co-op is to nurture our diverse community through the practice of cooperative economics and through educational programming honoring a more sustainable relationship between the foods we eat and the world we live in.

Our Values

  • Economy: Grow our community owned business whose success stimulates cooperative activity.
  • Localism: Ensure our community has access to a marketplace with healthy, safe and local goods that have a positive environmental and social impact.
  • Wellness: Provide our community with direct access to solutions that contribute to heath and wellness.
  • Education: Create opportunities for our diverse community to learn about cooperative economics and the interconnectivity between healthful foods, environmental stewardship, and social responsibility.
  • Community: Nurture ecologically regenerative and socially just community development efforts that reach beyond our community and our generation.
  • Model Workplace: Develop a model workplace that demonstrates a professional culture of mutual support and open communication, based on the balance of personal and organizational needs.