Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op

The Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op is a full service grocery store providing delicious, fresh, nutritious foods. Since 1973, our co-op has been a trusted source for quality.

The co-op's goal is to buy and sell foods and products of high nutritional value. We endeavor to provide natural products and information about healthy choices. We respect diverse opinions about what is healthy and provide a variety of educational information about nutrition and health. Our store's departments include a natural food deli, cafe, produce and meat, vitamins and herbs, wine and beer, and cheeses.

The co-op operates as a sustainable business. Our goal in all operations is to achieve a high standard of respect for the natural environment and to act accordingly. We work toward a sustainable community and a just society by emphasizing products that minimize packaging and by-products, and that maintain the long-range health of the global community. The co-op emphasizes products that are manufactured or grown using the most sustainable methods.

We are dedicated to serving and educating the community. Come visit our natural foods grocery store and make a difference every time you shop.